Craft your own interior design.

 Craft your own interior design.

In the architecture industry, trends set a mood and helps in defining how the personal spaces influence lifestyle. Trends do not emerge as fast as in does in food. In this industry they have the potential to stay for a long time. However the economy and the environment influence the selection of designs, layouts and materials. They even influence the methods used for construction. Architects use their creativity to overcome environment challenges. They use the new and popular materials and construction methods to change the design and create a home that their clients can identify with.


These new emerging trends hold a lot of importance as they give a direction and shape the future of the housing industry. They are constantly keeping a tab on the new trends to accommodate them in their new projects. The customers are always on the lookout for something new and unique however they are usually influenced by what they see in magazines or at a colleagues place. Architects need to pay attention to their needs and desires as well.


The modern lives influence the design of the homes. This has created some new trends in architecture and design. Today architects are fusing classic trends with some contemporary elements.


Kitchen – the multi-functional space


Kitchen isn’t just for cooking anymore. During social gatherings people gather around to talk and dine with their friends. It has become the focal point in a lot of homes. Many architects have started to merge the kitchen space with the dining space for those who have a huge open space. For clients owning private houses with a garden outside, designers link this merge to the outdoor space.  This amalgamation becomes a great space to bring friends and family together.


Spaces offering versatility


People need the option to change the purpose of the space as per their requirement over the years. With time, needs change and hence they should be able to make use of the already designed room for a different purpose. As the family grows the study room might be turned into a kids room. The guest room could be used as the nursery room. Flexibility of the spaces allows the house to evolve as needs change over time. It helps in making the maximum use of the space.


Connecting the outside with the inside


The consumers today look for an effortless and undisturbed transition between the interior area and the outdoor space.  The outside is given as much importance as the inside of the house. The architects and designers use sliding doors etc. to connect both the spaces. Be it the bedroom and balcony or the living room and the garden.


A retreat from the world


It’s a fast life. People are always on the move. It’s becoming really difficult for them to switch off and relax. When they get home after a tough day at work, they want a space where they can unwind.  So more and more people now want to create a space that defines them and allow them to just be. It’s a space that gives them the necessary ‘me time’. The room is created as per the client’s choice, what helps them relax. It could be a gym or a music room or a reading room. Its their space, their choice.


De-cluttering the space with a good storage solution


People prefer a clean and an organized home. According to them it’s a sign of a healthy environment. Hence, whether it’s the functional items or their personal belongings they want a good storage space to store them. They even need specific spaces allotted to certain activities such as storing garbage, washing, ironing etc. They don’t want to show these spaces to the guests who visit them.


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