Reasons to outsource architectural design

 Reasons to outsource architectural design

An obvious and primary purpose of outsourcing is to reduce the cost of the project budget. But it is also about receiving many other benefits. Below are listed the top nine reasons to outsource architectural jobs:


Financial savings


Reduce overall costs of the workplace, including software and hardware, and of employees, with confidence that any potential issues will be resolved in a timely manner.


Tax breaks


Most Eastern European countries have low corporate tax rates and in Bulgaria we pay the lowest one – only 10% flat tax rate!


Access talent and expertise


Outsourcing companies have extensive experience working with companies of different levels, and on activities that enable multi-activity analysis, as well as fast problem solving. Outsourcing provides you with the access to talent pool and relevant expertise required to complete a specific task.


Distribute the workload


Outsourcing contributes to a more equally distributed workload, since the offshore workforce can be hired on-demand.


Focus on more competitive tasks


Outsourcing allows the company to focus attention on its core business in order to improve efficiency.


Share risks


Outsourcing allows the company to share any potential risks with its outsourcing partners.


Increase business efficiency


Outsourcing to a country on a different time zone enables your company to accomplish twice as much in the same amount of time.


Improve service


There is no need to waste time and resources training an employee when outsourced professionals can do the same tasks for less money.


Increase business


Outsourcing will increase company’s productivity, raise the level of quality, increase profits, and much more.